Local economy

We remain committed to the philosophy that motivated our foundation in 1970: to promote the local economy.

Gomeran foods

We proudly present a simple but tasty gastronomic culture. Biscuits, gofio, cheeses, almogrote, mojos, palm honey... They are gradually making a name for themselves outside our islands.

Traditional Handicrafts

Rags, baskets of banana strings, ceramics, toys, chácaras, drums or embroidery ... Gomeran hands have created with effort and care the handiwork we offer.


Buy our flavors

The Gomeran gastronomy has a principle: to maximize the basic ingredients that were at their disposal up to the last piece.

The Almogrote

With the idea of using old cheese, this spicy pâté was born, which is attracting more and more enthusiasts.

The Palm Honey

Heroic agriculture is what drives the Gomero up and down the palm trees every day to obtain its sap. Ancient technique, eternal taste.


Try one, love them all

Recipes of verbal tradition. The most refined versions of Gomeran desserts, such as cookies, were linked to the stoves of convents and churches.

Local manufacturing

With the same recipe and the same care as 400 years ago.

How much?

Buy your cookies one-by-one or in packs.

Pairings with flavor

Cheese, wine, mojo and gofio. The flagship products of Canarian gastronomy, traditional foods that cannot be forgotten on your trip.

Of the banana... even the trunk

The “ristra” (banana leaves baskets and dolls) is not the most traditional craftsmanship of La Gomera, but it is the one that undoubtedly proves the ingenuity of the craftswomen: Taking advantage of all the materials at their disposal.

Eco creams, aloe care products or banana lip balm.

Canarian cosmetic products, using the locally-grown ingredients we know best. Try them all and buy your favorite!

Ceramic products: Modern or traditional?

Handmade ceramic products of the Canary Islands. An exclusive gift with a beauty that shows that each piece is unique.

And many more products for sale!

We could continue adding products forever, but we prefer that you come and discover them live.