The history of Humankind on La Gomera

Eco farm

5000 sqm of traditional eco farm. Banana trees, aloe, mangos, avocados, orchards and exotic flowers...


Buy local produce on our handicrafts and delicatessen shop.

Terrace and Restaurant

A well-deserved pause at our restaurant terrace. Ingredients from our farm and local suppliers. Gomeran, Canarian and international recipes with a twist.

Museum and Gofio Mill

The largest antiques collection of La Gomera in a functioning gofio watermill. Visit and discover the History of La Gomera.

Terrace nights + music + events

Dinner + live music

Saturdays enjoy our special event nights. Check our events list to see what’s hot this month. The best food and ambience combines perfectly with our live music offer. Book now your table!

Friday & Saturday 11 and 12 February, 20:30h
Accustic Jazz and Soul, @twistoffatemadrid


PEG Los Telares

La Gomera is an island whose economy and lifestyle was mainly linked to agriculture and farming up until 30 years ago. Still deeply rooted in the island’s culture, our ethnographic park offers a broad insight into the spirit and landscape of an island that still feels like a deep connection to those ancient times. Only 30 minutes away from the main Seaport of La Gomera in San Sebastián, Los Telares has been an unmissable touristic spot for many years. The North Route (GM-1) will lead you through the most authentic landscapes of La Gomera, including the 400-year-old Convent of Santo Domingo, the beautiful davits of Hermigua and Vallehermoso, Agulo Town and up to the Garajonay National Park Visitors Center.


5000 m2 of museum-farm

This is a beautiful botanical route on which you will have a chance to identify the crops present on the island. It showcasts the unique technologies and traditional agricultural tools of La Gomera. The interpretative panels and our audioguides will help you discover the wonders of a landscape carved with heroic effort.

Take along your mementos

Handicrafts and local foodstuff

Buy the perfect gift to take back home. Open since 1970, our handicrafts and local produce shop offers the largest range of products to find the perfect gift. We have been more than 50 years gathering the best artisanship from all around La Gomera.

Restaurant Los Telares

Discover the flavours of La Gomera

Discover the unique gomeran flavours in our traditional and international recipes. Our eco farm supplies the ingredients for our dishes and preserves. Only the best ingredients to give you the best flavours of La Gomera.

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Live history

A functioning Gofio Watermill

Our museum contains a gofio watermill, the recreation of a mill located on this very property and that was in operation until well into the 19th century. However, it was not the only one of its kind. In the ravine that descends from El Cedro to Hermigua there were a total of 16 gofio mills powered by the Cedro stream, a source of wealth in an agricultural village.

Maruca Gámez Collection

Unique Ethnographic Collection

Visit our museum on La Gomera. Its premise: to keep the legacy of an entire community alive; the traditions, folklore, and crafts, popular way of life, languages and behaviors. In short, a solid and tenacious identity dictated by nature.

Tasting pairing

Buy your ticket and enjoy!

Visit our farm with audio guide and complete your experience with a wine tasting in our restaurant. Gomeran wine, cheeses, fruits from our farm, almogrote, jam, palm honey…. A perfect sample of the best products of our island and our organic farm. If you wish to enjoy a full meal, you can order any dish from our menu to eat along with your tasting. Buy your ticket with no time limit!

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Where we are

1st El Patronato Street
Hermigua – La Gomera