5000 m2 of traditional organic farm. An unhurried agriculture allows the land to mark its cycles.


We explain everything you'll see on your tour. In Spanish, English, German, French and Russian.

At your pace

You know when you enter, but you don't know when you depart. Enjoy walking at your own pace.

Our Gofio Watermill

Operated by water, is the reconstruction of the mill that used to be in this traditional farm. The last water mill located in La Gomera, of the more than 10 that this valley used to have.


See up close the traditional farm animals of La Gomera, which came to the Canary Islands with different swarms of dwellers. The first ones, the goats, arrived with the aborigines.


Banana trees, exotic fruit trees, sapped palm trees and orchards that you will be able to explore. See the crops present in the terraces of the island.

Ethnographic Collection

Divided into several themed exhibition areas, discover the largest ethnographic collection on the island. A look at the heroic life of the Gomeran “pueblo”.

Audioguided route

We tell you a story of struggle, achievement and families. Through our informative panels and audioguides you will discover the history behind the landscape.