Gofio Gomero

The best gofio is HERE

Artisan and limited production, it is the most awarded gofio in the world, and it is elaborated here, in Hermigua. Choose from among its varieties, all of which are delicious!

What is "gofio"?

Gofio is a cereal-based product (millet, wheat, barley… etc.) that is roasted over a wood fire. A little salt is added and it is ground into a powder with the texture of flour and a distinctive flavour.

It was the staple food of the inhabitants of the Canary Islands long before the arrival of the first European settlers on the islands. With the rise in the consumption of natural products, it has become a highly valued ingredient both for its excellent dietetic and nutritional properties and for its interesting culinary properties.

Gofio Gomero is one of the most popular products on the islands because of its excellent mixture of cereals and its intense flavour.

In our exhibition you will be able to see various types of mills, from the aboriginal to the water or industrial mill.

Gofio Gomero, a small local business