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A different gastronomic experience

La Gomera food is not one of complicated recipes but simple and great local ingredients: our fruits, vegetables, cheese, palm syrup or or meats. With our certified organic farm and combining the tradition of El Convento with flavors of the world we have designed our menu.
We hope you enjoy a relaxed and different gastronomic offer.


Our terraces with the best views of the rocks of Hermigua - enjoy a well-deserved break!

The best coffee

Possibly the best coffees in La Gomera. And they don't show up alone! Breakfast and snacks or homemade cakes to please the most sweet-toothed.


A complete menu elaborated with the best ingredients of La Gomera.


We also have Gomeran products for sale. Nothing better than wrapping up your visit buying a jar of palm honey to reproduce the dressing of that tasty salad.

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Our eggs, lettuces, fruits and vegetables don't come from far away. We take pride in the fruits of our eco farm to offer you dishes with maximum flavor.

Daily specials

We also offer dishes prepared outside the menu. Our vegetable soups on low heat taste best with our homemade bread and a little gofio.

Our Menu

Flavours of La Gomera and fresh homemade food with produce from our eco-farm. On Saturdays, dine with live music!
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Carta en Español


Almogrote (v) - Traditional

A cheese-based spread made following the traditional Gomeran recipe with olive oil, palm pepper and garlic.

Gomeran cheese platter (v)  - Traditional

100% semi-cured gomeran goat cheese and homemade jam.

Premium cured sheep cheese (v)

"Montaña de Riaño" cured sheep's cheese.
Half / Portion: 6.00 / 11.00.-

Anchovies, cheese and olives platter

Mixed platter of anchovies, seasoned olives and semi-cured 100% goat's cheese, served with toasts.

Jamón Serrano platter

Table of 100g of Ibérico ham.

"Ensaladilla rusa" - Seasonal

Spanish potato salad with mayonnaise, tuna, potato, egg... Ideal to share.

"Gomeran Causa" (v) - NEW

Our version of the popular peruvian entrée. Layered spread of sweet potato purée and almogrote with palm syrup.

Avocado Timbale (v) - TOP

A fresh blend of flavours from our farm with avocado, tomato, coriander...
8.00.- Add salmon +1€ / Add shrimp +2€

Grilled cheese with mojos and syrup (v) - Traditional

Grilled soft goat cheese with red mojo, green mojo and palm honey. Ideal for sharing.

Salmorejo (v) - Seasonal

Homemade cold tomato soup. A traditional andalusian summertime recipe.

Zuccini soup cream (v)

Our homemade zucchini soup, accompanied by goat cheese and a pinch of extra-virgin olive oil.

Leek soup cream (v) - NEW

Our homemade leek soup, a seasonal delicacy.

Watercress soup cream (v) - Traditional

A Gomeran speciality, our watercress soup, served with corn gofio and goat cheese.

Homemade cruchy chicken with mustard-honey sauce

Homemade crispy slices of marinated chicken breast with mustard-honey sauce.

Assorted croquettes - TOP

Banana-bacon, smoked goat cheese, spinach and serrano ham assorted croquettes.
4/8 u.: 3.80 / 6.70.-

"Papas con Mojo" (v) - Traditional

Wrinkled potatos with mojos.

"Broken eggs" with serrano ham - NEW

A typical spanish dish, ideal to share. Fries, fried eggs, crunchy serrano ham and sweet paprika salt. Scramble and enjoy!

Our Eco Salads

"Garajonay" salad (v)

Green leaves, tomato, cucumber, white cheese, banana, papaya, strawberry, roasted corn and oregano vinaigrette.

"Convento" salad

Fresh salad leaves, tomato, pepper, cucumber, semi-cured goat's cheese and crispy Serrano ham.

"Pescante" salad

Fresh salad leaves, cucumber, pepper, smoked salmon, wrinkled potato, and cappers with palm syrup vinaigrette.

"San Sebastian" salad

Green leaves, tomato, avocado timbale and prawns with passion fruit vinaigrette.

Main dishes

Vegetables Wok (v)

Our basmati rice wok with nuts, seeds and seasonal vegetables - beware, it's spicy!

Banana flower curry (v) - TOP

Tender banana flower slow-cooked with vegetables and homemade curry sauce. Served with basmati rice.

Chicken with orange sauce

Chicken legs with orange sauce and wrinkled potatoes.

Cantonese-style chicken

Stew of diced chicken and vegetables with the "Chinese Five Spices". Accompanied by basmati rice.

Beef with red wine - TOP

Beef and vegetable stew in red wine with freshly made French fries.

Our burger

120 gr. of 100% beef burger, spelt bread, melted cheese, avocado, barbecue sauce, lettuce and tomato. Of course, served with French fries.

Oven-cooked pork - NEW

Oven-cooked pork cheeks with sauce and wrinkled potatoes.

Pork sirloin - TOP

Grilled pork sirloin medallions with French fries and caramelised onion. Choose between our homemade sauces: pepper, mango-curry, barbecue, mango jam or almogrote sauce.

Pork sirloin skewer - New

Pork sirloin and vegetable dices with satai sauce and basmati rice.

Beef sirloin

220g of grilled meat with fries. Choose between our homemade sauces: pepper, mango-curry, barbecue, mango jam or almogrote sauce.

Grilled coalfish fillets

Grilled white fish fillets (coalfish) with vegetables, wrinkled potatoes and mojos.

Tuna medallions - Traditional

Grilled local tuna with seasonal vegetables, wrinkled potatoes and mojos.

Homemade desserts

Gofio mousse


Banana pudding with vanilla ice cream


Lemon pie

Cookie, lemon mousse and meringue.

Carrot cake - TOP




Sacher cake

With homemade eco grapefruit jam filling.


Creamy mascarpone with dark chocolate.

Ice cream

Vanilla ice-cream with sprinkles, milk caramel and chocolate syrup topping.

Extra bread service 0,50€/unit. We have our alergen list at your disposal here.

Red wine

Cantamañanas 2019

Tempranillo. D.O. Ribera del Duero.
Glass / Bottle:
3,00 / 15,50.-

Roquillo Tinto - La Gomera

90% Listán negro, 10% mezcla. D.O. La Gomera
Copa / Botella:
3,00 / 14,50.-

Presas Ocampo Joven - Tenerife

Listán negro, Merlot, Tempranillo. D.O. Tacoronte Acentejo

Marba Tradición 2019 - Tenerife

80% Listán red, 20% Varietal. D.O. Tacoronte Acentejo

Casa de la Ermita Roble 2019

Monastrell & Petit Verdot. D.O. Jumilla.

Juan GIl 4 months - Yellow label 2019

Monastrell. D.O. Jumilla.

Legaris Roble 2018

Tinto Fino. D.O. Ribera del Duero

Viña Pomal Vintage 2016

Tempranillo. D.O. Rioja
Glass / Bottle:
3,00 / 15,00.-

Ramón Bilbao Vintage 2017

Tempranillo. D.O. Rioja

Protos Roble 2018

Tempranillo. D.O. Ribera del Duero.

Habla del Silencio 2019 - Best Spanish Wine Award (2017)

Cabernet Sauvignon, Tempranillo, Syrah. V.T. Extremadura

White wine, rosé and sparkling wine

3 Vertientes - La Gomera

50% Listán white and 50% Forastera. D.O. La Gomera.
Glass / Bottle:
3.00 / 14.00.-

Embrumas 2019

Verdejo and Viura. D.O. Rueda

Los Roquillos - La Gomera

Forastera. D.O. La Gomera

Cumbres de Garajonay - La Gomera


Legaris 2019

Verdejo. D.O. Rueda
Glass / Bottle:
3.00 / 14.00.-

Niray White - La Gomera

100% Forastera. D.O. La Gomera.

Montoro - La Gomera

Forastera, Listán White and Marmajuelo. D.O. La Gomera.

Presas Ocampo Afrutado 2018 - Tenerife

Listán White and Moscatel. D.O. Tacoronte - Acentejo (Tenerife)

Deforastera 2019 - La Gomera TOP

Forastera, aged in barrel. D.O. La Gomera

El Grifo - Lanzarote

100% Malvasía. D.O. Lanzarote

Sparkling white wine "cava" 20cl


Codorniu 1551 "cava"


Cava Anna de Codorniu Rosé


Refreshments and beers

Sodas 1.40
Appletiser 1.80
0.5L water 1.20
Sparkling water 1.20
1.5L water 1.60
Dorada non-alcohol beer 1.40
Dorada non-alcohol with lemon beer 1.40
Dorada Special Original beer 2.00
1906 Special beer 2.40
Craft beer Layla – Brown Ale or Pilsen (made in La Gomera) 3.00
“Tinto de Verano” (traditional Spanish drink made with ice, red wine, Martini and Fanta lemon) 3.50
Vermouth “Martini Rosso” or Campanelli (artisan) 3.00


Shot 2.00
Longshot (whisky, rum, gin, vodka…) 3.00
Premium longshot 3.50
Black Label Whisky 4.00


Expresso 0.90
American 1.00
Latte 1.35
Machiatto 1.10
Machiatto with condensed milk 1.15
Authentic “barraquito” (coffee, milk foam, condensed milk, liquor, cinnamon and lemon zest) 2.50
Capuchino 1.50
Cocoa 1.50
Tea and herbal teas 1.20

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